Zero Balancing

Full body acupressure to the bone, Zero Balancing balances body energy with body structure, to create a sense of calm and thriving. 

Neuromuscular Therapy

Whether you're experiencing pain from a car accident, computer use, or holding a large instrument, this is specific, clinical work that facilitates the overall system back into balance and coordination.

Intraoral  Massage and Treating the Whole Breathing System

If you're a singer or musician for whom breathing plays an important role, this work is for you. And if you grind your teeth or have had whiplash, this work is also for you. You can't believe how the mouth and jaw are related to everything! 

Abdominal / Belly / Visceral Massage

Calming and gentle work to improve overall health particularly digestive and reproductive systems. The abdomen has its own nervous system, creates 90% of the serotonin (aka the happy hormone) and is actually the "front" of your low back...this is critical infrastructure that supports you in so many ways and belly massage can facilitate its happy existence. 

45-min session: $80/each or $225 for a series of 3 ($15 savings)
60-min session: $110/each or $270 for a series of 3 ($60 savings)
90-min session: $160/each or $405 for a series of 3 ($75 savings)



Alexander Technique: How We Embody Cognition and Support Our Dreams

I've been studying language and movement for 17 years and am currently in an apprenticeship to be an instructor. This is coaching in movement and conscious constructive thinking so that you can invite your whole person to cooperate with your hopes and dreams. Lessons are 45 min sessions and you can do any activity to which you'd like to bring more efficiency and ease - from tying your shoes to playing an instrument to pitching investors.

Please call or email for information on AT Lessons. 

Zero Balancing I

This is the first course of the Core Curriculum where participants learn frameworks in the art and science of Zero Balancing through practical hands-on work and a detailed study guide. Students learn how to give a Zero Balancing session and all students receive a session from the instructor as well as practice with their classmates. This class includes (1) private complimentary session with the instructor following the course to receive, practice or discuss the work in a way that facilitates their continued learning. 

25 hours, accredited by the NCBTMB, the NCCAOM and more
Click here for current course schedule

Zero Balancing II

Zero Balancing II is the second half of the Core Curriculum. Participants utilize the basic session they learned in ZBI to build and add new fulcrums, in depth understanding of the principles of energy and structure, and expand their ability to deliver an amazing session.

25 hours, accredited by the NCBTMB, the NCCAOM and more
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All Zero Balancing courses by Katie are taught with a small group of 3-4 people in her private home in Seattle, WA. The full courses are taught in 3 (slightly) longer rather than 4 (slightly shorter) days and the cost is $495 if paid via check. Please contact her at for more information on how to register.




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