Katie Chase, LMT

Bodywork that helps you move through life more efficiently.

15+ Years of Specialized Treatments for:
Recovery from Injuries
Digestive and Reproductive Health
Intraoral, Breathing and Singing
Whole Health & Wellness

Zero Balancing
Alexander Technique

Lower Queen Anne

I’m a musician and specialize in bodywork that supports musicians’ ability to perform and thrive in their on-stage work — a contact sport of sorts. I’m privileged to work with world-class musicians who have performed with these organizations and many more —

With her deep and empathetic knowledge of the full body, the voice, musical training, and the creative process, Katie is the ideal person to turn to for bodywork for any musician. I have done extensive work with her through the years, and she offers a calm, caring and extremely positive approach while caring for both the body and mind of her clients.
Katie is a miracle worker. She is so tuned in to the hyper-specific needs of singers. She has been such a help for me with TMJ, arthritis, and general neck, head and shoulder tension. Her intra-oral work is spectacular; I just wish I could have taken her with me!
— Sarah Coburn, American Soprano
I’ve been seeing Katie for years and always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Katie’s unique understanding of the specifics of my work makes her an especially tuned in therapist who truly listens to and hears both what you and your body are saying.
— Laura Renz, Violist, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Katie is a terrific massage therapist and she was able to help me quickly resolve some vocal problems that had cropped up due to bad habits and overuse. I’m so glad I came to see her.
— Tae Phoenix, Singer, Scientist, Inventor